At Premier Collision Sarasota, it's our mission to fix windshield chips before they encompass a more costly windshield replacement project near Venice.

Cracks in windshields should never be ignored. Leave a chip or ding to the elements, it may then incorporate cracks stretching from margin-to-margin across the entire windshield in a web-like design. Safety will be inhibited as a result, with vision obscured if not blocked altogether.

What Happens If I Get a Chip On My Windshield?

Without mentioning how a chip was inflicted upon your windshield or window, it makes perfect sense to repair the chip before it spurs a lengthy crack. It's then probable the crack may produce other cracks and veins, creating an impossible situation to see through. Enough cracks and stress lines may collapse the windshield completely while driving.

When a chip is located, the fix is cost-efficient as opposed to windshield replacement, which could comprise a costly affair especially if not covered by insurance.

By using specialized methods, tools and materials, a chip may be effectively sealed and isolated well prior to becoming an all-encompassing scene. So, it's best to make sure any chip isn’t ignored but remedied immediately at Premier Collision Sarasota near Venice.

Will My Insurance Cover a Chip Repair?

Dependent upon insurance carriers and those terms therein, it may prove windshield chip repairs are covered while windshield replacements are not covered.

So, if you're initially "out on a limb" and a chip repair is needed immediately, it's certainly cheaper to seal a chip opposed to replacing a windshield. And in this, your insurance carrier may not even get involved in the process near Sarasota.

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