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Detailing During Winter Prepares Your Car for Spring Rain Near Sarasota, FL

Believe it or not, there are definite benefits to wintertime detailing of your vehicle at Premier Collision of Sarasota.

Given the climate in Venice, exterior detailing does wonders in preserving luster and protecting bodywork from rusting and degradation. With those early spring rainstorms to come, the amount of detailing work performed post holiday travel is wholly preventative if not advantageous.

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On the road for the holidays? Travel tips to keep you safe

If you're visiting family or friends for Thanksgiving or Christmas this year, your travel might take you to places far from the sunny, moderate temperatures we experience even in December. At Premier Collision Sarasota, our fondest wish for your family is that you don't end up having to visit our Collision Center after you come back home. In that spirit, here are some holiday travel and driving tips we hope will keep you safe this year.

Travel tip #1: Get your car checked out


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