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When you've been in an accident and need automotive repairs, the process of finding the right collision center can be stressful and complicated. Allow Premier Collision of Sarasota to take care of you. We've been working with insurance companies for years and would love to lend a hand in your repair process with our expertise both in the office and in the body shop. Contact us today if you have Geico auto insurance. We can take care of you!

Everything Bradenton Needs to Know About Insurance Approval

First, we'd like to clear up the misconception that you have to go to the body shop that your insurance company recommends after you've been in an accident. The right to choose a body shop that you're comfortable with is yours, not your insurance company's. That being said, ensuring that you go to a collision center that is authorized to perform insurance claim repairs is vital. Premier Collision Sarasota is completely authorized to do repairs and is also the recommended body shop for many insurance companies, including Geico.

Allow Us to Deal with Geico

We get it. Haggling for the amount of coverage to get your car, truck, or SUV back on the road can be frustrating and unfair. Place your trust in our experts and allow us to haggle with the insurance company instead. We have years of experience and plenty of knowledge about what estimates they will and will not accept. We also have a lasting relationship with Geico. They trust us to provide a fair estimate. Plus, using us as the middleman often takes the pressure and emotion out of the process.

How the Process Works

Once you decide to utilize the services of Premier Collision Sarasota, you'll go through the steps of our streamlined process. At the end of the day, we want to make this as easy for you as possible. Expect to experience the following:

  • Bring your vehicle into our body shop for an estimate.
  • Our expert technicians will evaluate the damage of your vehicle, assessing what we imagine to be the estimated cost of the repairs from a general standpoint.
  • We will get in contact with Geico, sending them the estimate and working closely with them to ensure that you get the best insurance claim possible. This is a professional and practiced process that typically goes smoothly thanks to our existing relationship with Geico.
  • We can also speak with Geico regarding your access to a rental car while your own vehicle is undergoing its repairs. Of course, this is dependent on your policy and is not guaranteed, but we can ask for you.
  • Once you're approved, we'll let you know and begin work on your vehicle.
  • In some instances, there are additional repairs that are revealed as we dismantle your car. If this is the case, we'll reach back out to Geico and resubmit a more accurate estimate, always checking in with you to avoid surprises.

For Further Questions Visit Us in Sarasota

Having doubts, fears, or more questions about the insurance claim and collision repair process? Don't worry, we know it's overwhelming, but that's why we exist. Contact us online for answers to your questions, explore our in-depth insurance approval process resource, or stop by to ask us questions in person. Premier Collision Sarasota is conveniently located near Saint Petersburg, FL, and Venice, FL. We're here to help make your collision repair run as smoothly as possible. Our relationship with Geico and many other insurance companies ensure a better experience for you.



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