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For an Honest and Straightforward Post-Collision Insurance Claims Process Visit Us Here at Premier Collision of Sarasota


If you've recently been in a collision and are looking for some well-deserved peace of mind, you'll find it here at Premier Collision of Sarasota. We hold a few values core and integral to our style of doing business. Firstly, we strive to provide a low-stress environment. A vehicular collision is a serious matter, no matter the speed or its intensity. From minor parking lot fender benders to higher speed accidents, car collisions can be costly and life-altering. Unfortunately, we all know that simply coming out of a collision in good health isn't the end of the situation. Filing an insurance claim is one of the earliest steps in the process to getting your car, truck, SUV, or commercial model back in top-notch shape.


Here at Premier Collision of Sarasota, we work with a handful of insurance providers to aid in ensuring drivers in the Sarasota and Saint Petersburg all have a top-notch insurance claim experience. After calling the police and filing an accident report, you'll most likely want to reach out to your insurance company. Then get in touch with us here at Premier Collision Sarasota at (833) 840-5184. We'll be ready to handle the incoming claim and take it from there. It's really that simple! No one enjoys the nitty gritty details involved with insurance claims. That's why it's our ultimate mission to make this process as easy to understand and as transparent as possible. Since there are only three parties involved (you, the insurance company, and us here at Premiere Collision of Sarasota) it'll be an incredible hassle-free process. That's our promise!


Our extensive network and positive relationships extends to this non-exhaustive list of insurance companies:


We have well established relationships with more insurance companies than those listed above. Be sure to give us a call with your claim number ready to chat with a friendly and responsive member of our staff to get a jump start on the paperwork process.


The Benefits of Working with Us Here at Premier Collision of Sarasota

As a driver that hails from the Sarasota region you're probably no stranger to collisions. Our bustling streets often get congested and a bit chaotic during rush hour. So, if you haven't been in a collision yourself, you've probably seen the aftermath of one at some point. Ensure your vehicle is looked after with the attentive care and meticulous eye it deserves by visiting our facility. After turning over your keys to one of our diligent ASE and I-CAR certified technicians and we'll have the necessary work completed in as little time as possible. We want to stress how significant customer service is to our business model. Without positive word of mouth and reviews from folks like you, we wouldn't be where we are today!


From the moment we open our doors in the early morning sun until we hit the lights after dusk when it's time to close up shop, we're dedicated to making your time spent here at our 30,000 square foot facility as stellar and enjoyable as possible. One way we go about accomplishing that is through our comfortable and recently renovated office and waiting area and available rental cars. Whether you're simply stopping by for some minor detailing work or are in need of an extensive overhaul, we've designed our streamlined insurance repair services near Sarasota to cover all the bases!


Don't Hesitate Any Longer: Send Your Claim to One of Our Service Representatives Today


Let us alleviate any post-collision anxieties you might have. We're here to lift the burden of communication between you and the insurance company to wade through whatever logistics and particulars need resolving. Give us a call, or feel free to stop by our facility here at 2124 Bee Ridge Road, Sarasota, FL if you're in the area to discuss why we're such a top-rated insurance repair destination for St. Petersburg.

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