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If your vehicle has been in a collision or you need auto body repair from the result of an accident, we're here to help. At Premier Collision of Sarasota, our team is dedicated to making sure your vehicle is able to be brought back to its previous state, and work with you every step of the way to make it happen. That includes working with your auto insurance and for those with Nationwide, we have a deep knowledge and great understanding of the provider, and will make sure you have a smooth auto body experience.

What You Need to Know About Insurance Approval in Bradenton

You have the power of choice to go to any auto body or collision repair center after your vehicle has been in an accident - not the one your insurance company says, contrary to popular belief. That's why you should choose an auto body shop you're comfortable with, not the other way around. We strive to make sure every customer who brings in their vehicle for auto body work is able to get the right services they need, but also making sure your insurance company gives you the claim you deserve as well. We have the right tools and technology to provide you with high quality auto body repair for all makes and models so you can be back on the road, with no hassle.

Let Us Work with Your Nationwide Insurance

We know all the inner workings of insurance companies like Nationwide, and can take care of it on your behalf so you don't have the stress of having to field phone calls and worry about getting a fair estimate. We have a good relationship with Nationwide and know we'll be doing our best for you.

How the Process Works

  • Bring your vehicle to us for an estimate and we'll assess the damage and offer you a quote
  • We'll get in touch with Nationwide and send them the estimate that gets you the best claim possible, and thanks to our relationship with Nationwide it's a smooth process
  • We'll make sure you can find transport options like rental cars while you wait for your vehicle, if that's covered in your policy
  • If we find more damage as we work on your vehicle we will resubmit to Nationwide to get you an accurate estimate and claim

Contact Us Today

Here in our collision center you can find a list of our direct repair insurance partners which includes Nationwide. If you have any other questions or would like to schedule an appointment, contact us and we can get started soon!

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