Certification standards

To make sure your Cadillac is properly repaired, there are exacting standards for Certified Collision Facilities. These standards address four key areas: Facilities, Management, Training, and Tools & Equipment. Using our Certified Collision Facility ensures all work will be performed to factory standards by expertly trained auto body repair technicians.

No one likes to think about an automobile collision. In the event your Cadillac is damaged, we want to ensure that you have access to a repair facility that meets Cadillac standards and is equipped to properly repair your vehicle. We have always been in love with our Cadillacs, and are still part of the greatest local Cadillac network. Being next door to Sunset Cadillac of Sarasota and also sharing a business relationship with them keeps us at the forefront of Cadillac technology. We also offer complimentary, scheduled, 5-day loaner vehicles for minor Cadillac repairs. Just another way we intend to deliver the maximum in luxury experience.

At Premier Collision, we are about shaping our future, and with it, the future of the automobile industry. The latest generation of Cadillac vehicles is among the very best available on the market today. Not only does Cadillac hold exceptionally high standards for its vehicles, but also for the service we provide. We are proud to be a member of the Cadillac Aluminum Repair Network. This certification can give you confidence that we will work to protect your vehicle's integrity, with the goal of restoring it as close to pre-collision condition as possible.

In the event of a collision, you will have all the support you need to get your vehicle to us. With OnStar service or Roadside Assistance activated, they will assist you in getting your vehicle to us and Sunset Cadillac of Sarasota. All Cadillac Aluminum Repair Network facilities use genuine parts that are backed by GM. Technicians at Cadillac Aluminum Repair Network facilities have extensive training in the proper use of Cadillac-approved repair equipment, tools, and repair procedures to ensure repairs meet our standards. Our facility participates in annual verification inspections to ensure technicians are properly trained, required equipment is in place and utilized, and Cadillac-recommended repair procedures are followed.

You chose to be the owner of a Cadillac for some very good reasons. And the Cadillac Aluminum Repair Network is there to ensure that you, our customer, have access to properly trained and equipped repair facilities to restore your damaged vehicle. We hope you're never in a collision, but if you are, you can count on these facilities to properly repair your vehicle to the Cadillac level of quality.

Premier Collision of Sarasota is Cadillac Certified, and that gives our clients confidence that we do the work right and to recommended specifications. We take our responsibility very seriously and want to get you back on the road quickly and safely.


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