Auto Body Paint Repair in Sarasota

Our Sarasota Experts Will Get Your Vehicle Back to Looking its Best

You scraped your car on the side of the garage backing out. Or maybe someone hit you with their door in the grocery store parking lot. It doesn't matter how it happened. What matters is that your vehicle's paintjob is now looking markedly short of perfect.

If that's something you're not happy with, don't worry! The team at Premier Collision Sarasota can help. Serving drivers Petersburg, FL, and more, our maintenance experts can help your vehicle looks its best again.

Paint Chip and Scratch Repair Services

When you work with the service experts at our Sarasota service center, you won't find a team of amateurs waiting to help you. Our service staff is made up of factory-trained experts with years of shared experience.

When you visit our dealership looking for paint repair help, you'll find our team ready with the tools to match your vehicle's paint color. Once we have matching paint, we'll touch up any chips or scratches and help them drive smoothly.

Our number goal in the paint repair process?Doing our job so well that can't tell there was any damage to begin with!

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Are their some ugly scratches on your vehicle that could use some mending? Contact Premier Collision Sarasota today! We'll get the ball rolling on a convenient appointment where we can handle all your paint repair needs.

We offer free repair assessments to all of our customers. We can also help you get approved with your insurance company. All of our work is certified to guarantee its high quality. We take pride in offering top quality service to all our Sarasota and St. Petersburg, FL customers.

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