Frame Repair and Realignment in Sarasota

Frame Repair and Alignment from Premier Collision of Sarasota

Were you recently in a car accident and need major repairs on your vehicle? Whether it be realigning wheels or repairing a bent frame, Premier Collision Sarasota is honored to serve the St. Petersburg and Bradenton areas. We have a certified team of highly qualified experts that are ready for anything your vehicle may need.

The frame on a vehicle is made to absorb the impact from a crash. In an accident the frame can get bent and need to be repaired or replaced. Frame damage should not be ignored for long. A damaged frame can cause tires to wear down faster, steering to be uneven, and make the frame unable to withstand more impact in another accident. We make sure the frame is accurately measured and replaced to save your vehicle from further damage.

In an accident, the alignment on your wheels can become off and not at the right angle. Our technicians will determine whether you will need a wheel alignment for all four wheels or a front-end alignment for just the front two wheels. They will measure and maneuver to ensure that your steering wheel is perfectly centered when you are driving.

We have a standard list of steps to take when repairing your vehicle so that it can cut down on time without cutting any corners. Our technicians work in a state-of-the-art facility that is ready to take on even the toughest of car repairs. They are trained to work on many different popular makes from Ford to Audi. The technicians have a list of Master Certifications to prove that no matter the issue or vehicle, we can make it look good as new.

We are very open and honest on how much you can expect the repairs to cost. We offer a free estimate, and we work with many automotive insurance providers.

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We know your time is valuable, and being in an accident is very stressful. Let us take some of that hardship off your shoulders by being responsive in giving you a quote and doing the work. We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction that will have you coming back for any car needs you have. Call or fill out our online scheduler to make an appointment today.

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