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Easily Schedule an Appointment to Repair Your Collision

 If you are a Bradenton area driver dealing with the aftermath of a collision, Premier Collision Sarasota is here to help. We are proud to have a team of highly trained technicians that specialize in collision repair. You can count on us.

The repair team here at Premier Collision Sarasota are experts in their field and pride themselves on fantastic, timely customer service. Whether you're dealing with a small dent or a much larger issue, our team is more than happy to lend their helping hand in fixing your problem in an expedient manner.


We Handle It from Beginning to End

 One of the many things that makes Premier Collision Sarasota stand out among other collision repair centers, is the fact that we handle every step of the process. From assisting you with the often complicated nature of insurance repair claims to completing the repair itself, we are there for you throughout the entire procedure towards getting your vehicle back on track.

We know that dealing with insurance claims can be stressful and overwhelming, and we do everything we can to make our portion of your journey as stress-free as possible. We will help you fill out your claim and work your way towards getting your car, truck or SUV up and running again. Here at Premier Collision Sarasota, we work with a few insurance providers in the St. Petersburg area to give you the smoothest insurance claim experience. All you have to do is contact your insurance company before contacting us, and we can help you with the rest of the claim process.


How to Schedule Your Appointment

 If you've suffered a collision and are ready to move forward with getting your insurance claim and repair completed, it's time contact Premier Collision Sarasota. We've tried to make the appointment scheduling process as simple and convenient to you as possible.

Thanks to our online form, you can schedule your appointment anytime, anywhere. Whether you're at home, at work, or anywhere in between, you can quickly and easily make your appointment from a desktop or mobile device.


We need a little bit of information from you to make the in-person intake process move a quickly once you get here. First, we need some basic ways to contact you, like your name and email. If you prefer to be contacted by phone, you can dictate that in the application-we believe it's all about making this process as easy on you as possible.


You can then make your preferred appointment date and time. We will do our best to work around your schedule and get you and your vehicle into our center when it's easiest for you. Again, this is part of how we strive to make a stressful situation as low-stress as we can.


Lastly, we need some information about your vehicle. This is a way for us to assess what we need to do to best prepare for your visit. This form can be used to schedule a free estimate, a collision repair, an insurance review, or questions about another service.


Get Your Collision Resolved at Premier Collision Sarasota

We are fully aware of the drastic nature of a collision. Once you know that you and your passengers are safe, it's important to know that your vehicle is safe. We are here to provide excellent service to our community members in helping them recover from a collision. That's what we're here for and we will do everything in our power to make it a streamlined and low-stress experience.

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