Does My Windshield Need to be Repaired or Replaced?

Everything You Need to Know About Cracked Windshields in Sarasota

Have a cracked or nicked windshield? Notch a hairline crack in one of your windows? Have you recently incurred damage to some piece of glass on your vehicle? Now's the time to fix it with your local Sunset Cadillac of Sarasota. Having glass damage, especially a front or rear windshield crack, is extremely dangerous and should be taken care of as soon as possible. First, get all of your most frequently asked questions answered by our team of experts, then book an appointment with our service team to get your windshield fixed by experts.

Frequently Asked Questions About Windshield and Auto Glass Repair

If I get a crack in my windshield, should I repair or replace?

Yes. You should get your vehicle looked at as soon as possible. Depending on the size, number, and length of the crack or cracks, it will depend on the urgency of the repair and whether you can get away with a repair or need a complete replacement. For a very small nick or crack, sometimes epoxy or acrylic can be injected into the chip, which will fix the issue visually, as well as reinforce the area to avoid further damage.

There are a few reasons you may need to replace the entire windshield:

  • If you have a tempered windshield instead of a laminated windshield
  • If the crack measures longer than a dollar bill
  • If you have three or more cracks or areas of damage
  • If the crack is deep and has gone more than halfway through the windshield

Some of the items on this list may be hard for you to determine on your own, so we recommend coming into our service center to have one of our glass repair experts take a look at it regardless.

What happens when I don't repair my cracked windshield?

No matter how big or small your windshield damage is, it is highly discouraged to ignore it. Anything that obstructs your line of sight while driving is a hazard. Not only to you and your passengers but also to others on the road. If you can see a crack on your windshield, that means that the damage is serious-some minuscule cracks happen that we cannot even see. Failing to repair your windshield will also likely prohibit you from passing a state inspection.

What causes increases in previous windshield damage?

Extreme heat and cold can cause your existing windshield crack or chip to increase. This is especially common if your vehicle goes from one extreme in temperature to the other. Pressure is also a factor-this could occur while driving in high wind, driving at a very high speed, or driving near the site of an explosion.

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